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Welcome to cmuis.net -- a course management system for classes offered in the Carnegie Mellon University Information Systems program. Below are a list of courses currently online; click on any of the links to switch to that course. Some of these courses are offered at Carnegie Mellon - Pittsburgh campus and others at our campus in Doha, Qatar. Most of the course content such as lectures, labs, and projects are freely available to all users, but if you are a student in a particular course you can log into the course and gain access to grades and other information.

CMU IS Pittsburgh Courses

67-272: Application Design and Development - This course introduces students to concepts in data modeling, interface design, software development practices, software testing and source code control.

67-311: Database Design and Implementation - This course covered advanced topics in relational database design and implementation as well as covers some NoSQL alternatives such as MongoDB and Redis.

67-327: Web Application Security - This hands-on course introduces students to key problems with web app security such as SQL injection, XSS and CSRF, session management attacks and authentication/authorization attacks.

67-344: Organizational Intelligence - This course focuses on how organizations (and the people who populate them) acquire and process information and how new technologies affected the norms, procedures, and culture of organizations.

67-443: Mobile Application Development - This course teaches students to build effective applications for the mobile platform using iOS and the Swift programming language. Considerable time is also spent understand design patterns and other aspects of advanced software design and architecture.

CMU IS Qatar Courses

67-272Q: Application Design and Development - This is the version of the core 67-272 class that is offered in Qatar by Professor Dan Phelps.

67-301: Networks and Telecom - This course introduces students to the basics of telecommunications, including voice, data, video, and wireless, with an emphasis on data. It is offered in Qatar by Professor Dan Phelps.

Additional courses will be posted each semester. To click, or not to click, that is the question...